Street and Sidewalk Repairs

Street Repairs

Once the snow melts, repairs are undertaken on city streets, lanes, gutters, and sidewalks. The priorities are identified by the annual sidewalk inspection performed each spring and are prioritized with the most severe scheduled first as time and budgeting allows.

Street and alley repairs consist of:
  • Applying calcium chloride to control dust
  • Grading alleys to provide proper drainage and maintain level driving surfaces
  • Grading gravel roads to maintain drainage
  • Patching up potholes using either hot or cold mix, depending on the time of year
  • Resurfacing asphalt streets according to budget
  • Sealing cracks to stop water from damaging the road base

Sidewalk Repairs

Sidewalk repairs are done as time and budget allows to reduce the defects that are detrimental to public safety.

For More Information

For more information about street and sidewalk repairs, contact Public Works Operations at (250) 837-2001.