Economy and Business

Business in Revelstoke

Diversification is a key to a successful economy, and the small business sector holds enormous potential. Revelstoke’s market area is central to the West Coast, the Okanagan and Kootenay regions, and Alberta. In a global market, business in Revelstoke can access the world through modern telecommunications and fibre optic lines as easily and at the same cost as if they were in the heart of a metropolis.

Supporting and encouraging new and existing business opportunities in Revelstoke is high on our list of community priorities. Our goal is to provide your business with an exceptional opportunity to succeed! The City of Revelstoke, the Economic Development Commission, Community Futures Revelstoke, and the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce provide a range of services to assist both local businesses and new businesses considering moving to our community. A regional film liaison office provides support for growing filming activities. We are always pleased to welcome new businesses to Revelstoke and will do all we can to promote and welcome new business ideas.

Key sectors of the economy include the railroad, forestry, and tourism. With the close proximity of the Revelstoke Dam, power is easy to access and provides just one more reason for industry to locate in Revelstoke. The addition of three new turbines at Mica and Revelstoke will increase economic activity of the area over the next 15 years. The dam’s visitor centre guides thousands of tourists through the technological marvel of one of North America’s largest and most modern hydroelectric developments.


Heli-skiing, CAT skiing, and snowmobiling are growing winter attractions. Revelstoke has been rated as the number one snowmobile destination in North America! The city also has a four-season mountain resort nearby. The acquisition of Selkirk Tangiers Helicopter Skiing and CAT Powder Skiing makes this resort a one-stop destination for lift, snow-CAT, and helicopter skiing. 

The summer adventure tourism market is also a growing industry with mountain biking, trail riding, hiking, and back-country treks gaining popularity. Revelstoke has been rated as one of the top 10 outdoor adventure communities in North America! Excellent fishing and an attractive golf course also lure visitors to the community.