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Building Services works within the Development Services department and is responsible for administering the British Columbia Building Code on behalf of the City. The department reviews building permit applications, issues building permit, demolition permits, plumbing permits, completes inspections, and administers the woodstove exchange program. 

On this page, you will find important information about applying for a building permit, key information and updates, and details on the woodstove exchange program. 

City Hall

Building Permits are granted in accordance with City Bylaws and the British Columbia Building Code. Building Inspectors deal primarily with the regulation and inspection of new construction and renovations, alterations, additions and changes in occupancy of existing buildings. 

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Online versions of the BC Building, Plumbing and Fire Codes are now available free of charge. To access the BC Code documents, go to

Building Bylaw No. 2294

Permit Required

A building permit is required whenever you wish to:

Complete a previously unfinished area in an existing building Construct, cover, or enclose a porch or sun deck
Construct a new home Changing the use of a building
Construct, repair or alter any building or structure over 10 m2 Remove, relocate, alter, or construct interior walls (depending on scope of work)
Any alterations, repairs, additions or layout changes Construction, alteration, or installation of a fireplace, chimney or a solid fuel burning appliance
Locating, moving or demolition of any building or structure  

Permit Not Required

A building permit is not required for non-structural minor modifications such as:
Cupboards Landscaping or sidewalks
Painting Exterior finish repair or replacement, such as stucco or siding
Fences (see section 5.13 and 5.14 of the Zoning Bylaw for requirements and ABCLS Info) Roof repairs or re-roofing

Application Form

View Building Application Form and Guide

Additional Permits

Please note that additional permits may be required prior to the Building Permit process. The Official Community Plan designates the Development Permit Areas along with Heritage Conservation Areas within the City of Revelstoke where these additional permits may be required. If the structure proposed is non-conforming in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw, a Development Variance Application may be required. Please contact staff if you need assistance in determining development permit requirements. 

The City of Revelstoke does NOT issue the following permits:

The owner is responsible for obtaining electrical and/or gas permits and a septic filing (if no community sewer is available). It is recommended that the owner contact Technical Safety BC and all applicable utility providers that will be servicing the build (i.e. BC Hydro, Telus, Fortis BC) early on in the design process, as they may have additional servicing requirements over the subject build.   

Booking an Inspection (Process)

If you are booking an Occupancy Inspection you will be required to pass all items on the Final Inspection Checklist.  If you are missing any documents such as Schedules, Final permits (Electrical, Plumbing, etc), Building Location Certificate, etc you will not be able to book in for an inspection until all requested items are submitted to the Development Services Department.

Inspections must be booked through the Development Services Department. Please provide your Building Permit Number and Civic Address at time of booking. Contact us at or 250-837-3637 to book your inspection.