Road Improvement Projects

Third Street Upgrade

The sanitary main was moved to the east side of Third Street away from the riverbank, the water main, drainage systems and road structure were upgraded from Garden to Pearson Street.

First Street Upgrade

The road structure and drainage systems were repaired, sidewalk sagging was fixed and the damaged curb was replaced on the NE corner of Campbell Avenue.

Fourth Street Upgrade

This project was completed in 2018. 

The drainage systems and road structure from Mackenzie Ave to Connaught Ave were upgraded.

Garden Avenue Upgrade

Garden Avenue was repaved, the curb and drainage systems were upgraded from First Street to Victoria. 

Orton Avenue Upgrade

Upgrades to the Sanitary Sewer and Drainage systems from First Street to Victoria were completed in the summer of 2018. 

Airport Way Upgrade

The drainage system and road structure from Nichol Road to Shiell Road was completed in Summer 2019.