External Heritage Resources

Revelstoke Museum & Archives

Revelstoke Museum & Archives keeps alive the history and heritage of Revelstoke and district by collecting, preserving, documenting and interpreting the artifacts, records and stories of the region in a public community museum. The Museum and Archives is a place where all are welcome to participate, to learn, to share, and to explore the social, industrial and environmental history of the region.

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Revelstoke Railway Museum

Revelstoke Railway Museum displays the history of railroading in the rugged mountains of British Columbia. The museum includes exhibits of 19th century locomotives, cars and other railroad equipment.
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Heritage Society of BC

Heritage Society of B.C. is a member-based organization and represents the interests of community heritage conservation from all parts of the province.

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Canada’s Historic Places

Canada’s Historic Places Initiative (HPI) is a federal, provincial, and territorial collaboration created in 2000.

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B.C. Heritage Branch

The Historic Places index page for the Province of B.C. contains educational information about heritage conservation as well as links to important resources.

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