Power Fit

Beginner or avid fitness enthusiasts will find they are FIT for this workout, packed with fun and energizing activity that may include circuit training, strength & conditioning, core & stability, obstacle course & agility, power & sports drills, martial arts and more.
Power Fit will return in the Fall. Enjoy the summer outdoors!
Location: Dance Studio Revelstoke Community Centre
Minimum 8 Pre registration required


Exercise in disguise! This Latin-based Dance Fitness program is sure to have you laughing, sweating, and having a blast as you tone and shape your whole body. Don't worry if you have two left feet. Zumba designed to suit all fitness levels and abilities. Bring a friend. Ditch the work and join the party.
 Zumba will return in the Fall. Stay tuned for updates !!!
Cost: 10 class punch card is available for $80

Movement Therapy (

Look for this class in the Fall of 2017)

A series tailored to those with pain or tension, stiff bodies, limited mobility or recovering from injury. Relearn how to move your body well, in slow, intentional way, to reduce compensation patterns that cause pain, injury and tension. Each week will build upon the previous, helping to rebuild movement and strength through the hips, knees, back, shoulders and neck, reducing pain in all areas. you will leave each class feeling lighter, stronger, more fluid, and better connected to your breath and body. Help yourself feel better. mats and other props will be provided.
 Minimum of 8 registered