What are the next steps?

It is important that these population counts are validated, so over the next several months we will be looking for opportunities to compare this data with other sources, including:

  • Hotel occupancy rates
  • Visitor Centre statistics
  • Parks Canada, museums, and other sources of visitor information
  • Parks and Recreation facilities
  • Water and sewage flow
  • Emergency and health care statistics
  • Traffic counts
  • Business information on sales and services

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1. What is TELUS Insights?
2. What it is the Revelstoke TELUS Insights project?
3. Why is Revelstoke conducting this project?
4. Who is leading this project?
5. What about privacy?
6. What kind of data will be collected?
7. How will the data be used?
8. How will the City communicate the findings with the public?
9. What is the project timeline?
10. What are the next steps?