Will vacation rentals be permitted?

No, vacation rentals will not be permitted. This use is not a permitted use in the proposed CD20 zone.

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1. How many units are proposed under the new zoning and how many could be constructed under the current zoning?
2. Will vacation rentals be permitted?
3. Is this development considered high density?
4. Is the minimum 5% parkland being dedicated as part of this development?
5. Has a traffic impact study been undertaken for the proposed development?
6. How does this proposal contribute to the City’s current housing challenges?
7. What community amenities is the developer providing as part of this development?
8. How will pedestrian connectivity be achieved to ensure access from Hay Road to the school?
9. Is this development proposal in line with the City’s Official Community Plan?
10. Why is this application being considered when the City is undergoing an Official Community Plan (OCP) review process?
11. Can applications for “large scale development” be put on hold until planning documents (OCP, DCC bylaw, Servicing Standards etc.) are updated?